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G-Land August 30th 2011 Surf Report Today

G-land Surf have a nice big light hours are 07:00. Unfortunately, this does not shock yesterday morning when the 4-5ft swell. In any case, it is 3-4 feet this morning, and the shaft angle at a wavelength of coral peel, although some parts very quickly. So after 30 minutes sitting in a coffee shop so much fun watching the coast looking for waves Peel with someone, I can not help but offer my breakfast and the race clock at 8:00! Got some big waves in the Money Tree is less Speedies small and even on my Quad 5’10, with a barrel here and there. At 9:00 the waves slowed down a lot and seemed to 2.4 meters from 10:00 to call him for a few hours to kill. Crowd was not too bad today.

Surfing is to kill me, I finally had to sleep two hours at midday, in the vicinity! For them, the waves are overhead right in the Kong and fan palms, and a wall of surf camp for boys pairs Money Tree Beautiful Bobby around 4:00 this morning, Tiger 0.1 Obviously some tracks perfect condition with two m net violation waves at high tide right. Water temperature finally started to warm up! I was only wearing a short subway agree John this morning, and I got chills and goosebumps a bit between sets, but there are warm currents in the melt flow cold start, which we had last week. We still do not want to go in a matter of making pigs die!

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