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G-Land August 2nd 2011 Surf Report Today

G-land Surf was not great this morning! Al.Vroeg very strange with the great prophecies and walk along the beach to show the size of 4-6 feet, but certainly not expected that the waves of bombing. Foreigners will soon guys were so few in the beginning. Most of the money for the trees. The whole morning seemed to increase slowly, but not great. A clock of 2.4 m at high tide at 23:00, most people enjoy, and many double-head waves are not perfect, the wind was a little further south and the waves on a small onvas – but even and spoiled here long.

Completed to leave traces of tiger, and the waves began bombing during lunch, I could see that I afwit Sound Tigers to break their heads. Tigers 2-3 feet (which is a typical size) and I did it for me was a big bonus. I am pleased and also a certain power. There is nothing like the trees of silver, of course, but I like the hand of some attack again!

Tested to die clock 3:00 ET, I saw a huge bag of bombs! Swell themselves were really kicking now, but the tide just fled, so there is not much love. A game throughout to maximize the bomb foam balled, it’s true … I suggest to add new bells were with him. Maybe tomorrow we will see a better quality of the waves on the doorstep, including golf after Tiger today.

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