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G-Land August 28th 2011 Surf Report Today

G-land Surf What day is my day. Dehydration, dizziness, … Navigation to learn from experience how important it really hydrated after! If all day, but I felt OK this morning and then turned right and 2-3 feet of surf traces of Tiger track with someone else. Lucy was one of our customers only the surf, and he told me he had the ball, so that encouraged me to go. It only took 40 minutes after 30 I felt really tired, so back to camp. In the afternoon after lunch I had good form. Super-dizziness, headache, dizziness and uncoordinated.

G-land Surf turning point is about 3-4 feet of the day, and the waves will be the best use of Kong until weaning studies. Glass for the first hour, then the light from the earth for several hours after the morning trade, etc., at the end. Waves on the reef is pretty clean, so when you turn on your exact. Some customers have a great time there. Slightly more than half of the team until the afternoon and then quietly most of the afternoon.

I was just in the evening on the beach, where guests Bobby Moon dance Gandrung new party. It been fun. All the guests were dancing with a beautiful girl Banyuwangi traditional dance while the band played music in local style. We held each full moon and new moon. And now I write, I work my shoulder through the Rio, a masseur qualified in the field are available at a good price. RP70, 000 more quality one-hour massage! This is like $ 7 or 8 USD.

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