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G-Land August 27th 2011 Surf Report Today

G-land Surf A lot of action this morning. Swell dropped a lot, but it’s a bad thing that was great considering the size of yesterday! High water was around 8:00 clock, at home and abroad has to come too. This is what sums up this Spee waves are present, must be loaded with the current. Of course, make some gems out there, but in some very superficial, and many people a reef at the time. A little Start lighter pad 6 feet may seem strange that more than 3-4ft and comes Spee dies. I have a ride with the waves, a lot of people down there, and I can only in the morning shower yesterday, so went I shortly after my release.

I have the Money Tree in the middle of the tidal Arvo at first, and only a few of us. The conditions are a little light sport and swell Sat Arvo, because there are different groups of 6 feet, is made of solid silver, and surfers raw, wild and wants to eat lunch. And I do not have a meal in the barrel much . But it was fun!

About 4:00 I was again surfing the Sims and money, only 10 people, a lot cleaner now around 17:00 clock and I’m a bitch of a wave. Late autumn in a super-Rail Summit in the shortest possible time, and then a large round hole, and spit on them. 3 surfboards and I finally to! Unbelievable … Water freezes today, I’ll miss the boat without my two millimeters.

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