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G-Land August 26th 2011 Surf Report Today

G-land Surf readers ; You’ve probably seen an epic waves, I saw some of the empty shaft below installed at 6:00? Well, I’m happy. At the end of the day type in G-land surfer, I wake up at 5:00 – rare. High water was at 7:00, 2 meters. Swell is expected hours solid. 5:15 slopes first check, there is no wind, the play of 6-8ft, the line is very good in the waves, each series can be started. Hmmm. What will the wind do? 5:50 Spray light of a few waves and have the potential. To this day I have to enter the restaurant to meet and greet new guests. But it was not until about 8:30 or 9. I think I’ve met in my room, grabbed my quad 5’11 (strange choice of the board in the morning?, And walked to the castle.

For children is much wilder, bigger and stronger than I had imagined! Sentenced to try surfing Money Tree, I went to the launch pad. In no time at 8-10ft games to come through, I’m face down on the edge of the foam, and you are going to accelerate … But it was so fragile and weak, I could not fix the pipes. Pad at 7:00 12ft waves broke my way out and clean. 7:20 I have a link to the speeder and clean, and at sea for 20 minutes done. I have a huge barrel, and so loud that spit was nearly torn from my board. The other was the leader of Joyo surfing at home, children, and at first sight. He panicked. Willy turned the zodiac. Trigger! With a bigger barrel next wave. Then swim to the river 8:00 impoverishment and destruction, and the waves may be less. And then I went to a restaurant to my obligations. Good!

Washed with corals for guests per day for the chickens and 20-20. Lunch sounds like a good solid 3-4 meters from the chicken. Similar size throughout the day 20-20. Strong offshore. My friend Ryan Cantlon Taranaki seems today we have the engine at the Batu Lawang and check the gap. I took a big turn to the right, at least 6 meters … But there is sufficient cross-shore and look very raw. So we end up 20-20. Not much audience completely. In fact, it was empty when we left, although people slow down on the way to the meeting 16.00.

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