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G-Land August 25th 2011 Surf Report Today

G-land Surf have a lot of activity today. Even with the waves of people who surf. 6:00 was shot and nothing comes out! 7:00 ET well again, and the body anymore. Offshore wind power very soon. 5-6ft, the tide was too high. Less than a few people at that time because there are people every day. Well, after about 03:00, there were about 10 people. Strange. It is perhaps the best waves, the waves seemed to come from the west and south, and the flood long enough for the day after getting out of the morning. But there are definitely some good waves from the mixture.

Was with a group of surfers in the zodiac for Blacky tiger tracks this morning, then some people will go with Samson Gran Dong at low tide .. and it seems that some good here and there.

When I scroll to the end of the day, especially Richel and Money Tree. I managed to bomb me a great stand-up tube and another tube found in the depths of the catch to get, I spit in the channel. Trigger! Play with the help of two GoPro at once .. Wrist and nose of the board. Also playing at 720p 60fps, high quality and then continue on, but the vertical resolution is not to give the height of the frame.

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