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G-Land August 24th 2011 Surf Report Today

G-land Surf a little weak all morning. 4-5ft waves came to the land dispute and then the wind started around 09:00. But the shaky line to get us in the afternoon, the tide slowly rose water + 1m Neep. Then the money tree would be raised. Ledge on. but this is just swell periods 14sec @ 217 degrees and the waves are not as good as they could. There is not much of barrels walls, but many. Just at sunset, I saw a number of the waves looked pretty good.

For the third night I went to Tiger Tracks back and have a nice solo session for one hour for 3 of my total budget for the tenants to accompany me. Kohei and Celso Shigorei are all for the first time, and everyone had fun. Birthday Celso G-38 to land in those days, he got a special cake and wine / juice combo, after dinner with Brooke is 50 today! So he had a cake and a drink.

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