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G-Land August 23rd 2011 Surf Report Today

G-land Surf Recently, fewer people, even today, where the 14 guests arrived at the surf camps Bobby, while nearly doubling the links! And it’s not that there is no swelling. Solid 6ft waves with a deadly device that blows out from the get-go this morning. I remember my first glimpse of the Ledge 7:00 spits view surf this wave. Not one person came in about 9:00, and maybe a few to 11

Magnify the afternoon with a pair of 1.4 m (small), there were about 20 people at the Money Tree + of 4-6ft waves, and most people sounds nice. Kohei General┬áragdolled here on an annual trip to Japan this afternoon G-Land! The rope broke while he was in a large tube and can not figure out. Then the set, had two head through the impact zone, rolled hard on the reef too. But he had a boat on a really cold water, because, fortunately! He saved his big moment. A large piece of the tail twins, even … If it goes!

Ryan and I took the wheel for Batulawan afternoon, and the average 2-3 foot surf on the left, before returning to tiger tracks, and here I am surfing on my right, forty minutes before someone came to accompany me , bowly and clean two feet waves. I like the waves on the back.

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