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G-Land August 22nd 2011 Surf Report Today

G-land Surf At the dawn of the coast! Where were you in the south during the big storm? … Now a small increase this morning. Tide-3 with a set of 4 meters and a very broad strokes. Creating fans and palm trees Ledge today. Afternoon from 4-5ft. Looking at the end of the day was a bit bloated, fragile, you have the right choice.

After lunch I went down and ride the tiger tracks, my third time since the G-Land Surf last 6 weeks. Have fun! Feet in two sentences, but it’s nice to have a change of the waves. Sweet as a Pole, was the crowd not to go too soft, and break the warmer waters of the most important, but some of them as twenty (max) mix with cold water in the dishes Tiger tracks especially hot. Moving to G-Land Surf in the near future, without a condom, you’re cold! I finally reached the barrier and one of the worst cuts I rock this season. Nothing serious, but still solid.

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