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G-Land August 20th 2011 Surf Report Today

G-land Surf Thirty people are leaving today to come, including all services and photography, and 14 new customers in most of them are first timers for the G-Land. However, there have been there a couple, Ines and her husband Herbert and the last in 1979! Your daughter is none other than former World Champion Sofia Mulanovich women, I found out when we talked and they said they were friends with my family in the village Hareb (Taranaki Paige Hareb daughter is the women World Tour).

Swell fell during the night often. I think 6ft vain, but usually three 4ft Every day, 5fter here and there. WIND is through Come in 9:00, and is much cleaner than the last two days, but not as good as there are 17 different waves at full speed most of the 2-cabin if the right offer 3fters very nice. Fix the destination of the day, the biggest crowd and the crowd was thin after 15 hours with a handful, perhaps only money trees at Ledge and fun people. My friend came Ryan Watts has a Beauty and off the edge of the end of the day.

The water is still cold, thin to the ship first. I do not know how people just sign and a CAN-time matching Navigate here. Will not be able to go! WIND Especially with a cold wet guests over the sea in the field of mobilization skin.One G-Land Bobby’s Surf in a house in one of the best waves of the speed of the current Coral Roe.

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