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G-Land August 1st 2011 Surf Report Today

G-land Surf Given us a sign, this morning, August can not months or so good. 4-5ft facility over a long offshore after sunrise! Manage this format usually with 6fter here and there. Crowd in the rain in the morning until late halfway and it was outside – another sign of the coming in August? Good!

Swelling was two hundred-twenty degrees, the waves were so on the palms of supporters and more money. I would not be an epic day for everyone, but it was definitely a very nice waves. I went to lunch, and there was hardly anyone out! If my 7’8 built with a fiberglass pole 60cm in the area of the tail fin with a forward / post bolted to the fin. The angle was crazy! Unfortunately, during my third tree on the whole thing ripped from the Council, and that’s it. So … LL has some down and out of the box reglassed and hope to re-break.

0.1 Back in the late afternoon tide waves on the window sill. It was not a nurse, but a few nice tubes, pipes and some nice time in anyone’s I have, as indicated by Go Pro Wrist Mount Assembly with the foam ball on the edge.

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