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G-Land August 19th 2011 Surf Report Today

G-land Surf still strong, it seemed interesting, all night, and while I’m writing this at 10:30 at night is still difficult. In these words, less than yesterday, but a strong set + eight feet every day. The wind was a little ‘better than yesterday but still not right on the beach is really necessary. Graphics speed internet we all crack coral, but fortunately a decent barrel roll Spee dies. I mean, there are some incredible waves here and there in the mix, but many waves you can not connect or speed, or even give Spee dies well.

The audience was filled. The first time I went out and takes 30 minutes or more people there are very few, apparently, within five minutes, fifty + people, and then some. The launch pads are packed, starting with speeds not much to the staff there on the same wave. And that person, including the crew and sponsored numerous G-Land Surf and surfing expert guide and much more, really hard by waves of high tide.

Probably more fun to watch alone, I spent half the time you land on a boat used to take pictures was of a high position in the lineup. Stand-out dates, including the great wave Twiggy Zaffo charge, a big wave in the ship Spee Thus ill. Came ‘Predator’ Eddie Blackwell, saliva from the sale. And of course others, with the wave.

Tiger Tracks by floods of pleasure, it seems. three meters, and a lot of fun so rippable.

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