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G-Land August 18th 2011 Surf Report Today

G-Land Surf Campini is a swelling roar, Bobby is one of the night. The first hour of light is difficult to assess the size, because there is the veil over the ocean. In addition, the really cold mornings 6 hours! With hoods, boots / shoes and jeans, and I was right. But in both cases it is easy to see that there are some big waves off point and go all the way Speedies.

Unfortunately we were not perfect, as we wind yesterday, which left quite rough in the afternoon. Great + 10 meters at the launch pad, and rest, and many of this number does not rise, or whether they are when you start the shoulder as stomach Foamballs sure to rise, then wait for the speed up double. The wind almost never, just south of a lot of flooding “to waves of justice. Of course, there are some big drums here and there because of the nature of the speed of the wave to the south should be.

Mikala Jones chickens, Makua Rothman is possible gnarliest 1:00 to 2:00 time left in a Cobra 8ft deep, so deep inside the tube, said he saw the reef when a wave hit the barrier cracked. He can not do, and fortunately, was leaning on the back. Lil brother Koa some good wells. Kimbo the man many Joyo yoga hut, Daniel Vardy takes the cake it is always a freakin epic super silly and longhouse 6 feet below the speed of the reef. And for adults, Tamati Dawson, brother, Taranaki, New Zealand, an ideal cottage monster towards the end of the session. There are some outstanding projects which are very sore today, I had my hands too much, but I chuck a few things to note from my vid cam, there is always a kind of double mutants macking South swell.

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