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G-Land August 17th 2011 Surf Report Today

Merdeka! (Freedom!). Today is probably the most important days in Indonesia – Independence Day. If people in Indonesia, the rules in the Netherlands took over again in 1944 on this day.

G-Land Bobby’s Surf Camp some big names coming this morning in the changer. I give & Koa Rothman, Marty Paradisi, Jason Childs, Mega Samadhi, Mikala Jones and Mustafa Jeckson were people who came today. Also in the waves, I saw Dean Morrison, Morehu Roberts and others, all G-Land Surf offered for sampling. My friend Ryan Watts is in Taranaki. Precisely because of West Java, such as Palm Point Surf waves. Every effort will be coordinated its subway tomorrow, when the speed is mental!

Surfing: It’s pretty clean with 8 or 9 hours, 5-6ft new wave, and there are a few good waves on a coral reef. A good amount of them in the south, often speedies Launch Pad with some broken parts. I went there at 10:30 ET, there are some nice pipes come up to speed. In fact, some people have some big waves barrels fricken crazy! And when you consider that for tomorrow summarized further south in the swell and two times larger …

Money Tree is a tidal wave in everything, but with 15 hours, went the wind flat glass and the mist coming line-up, while a deadly devices to start bigger and bigger, with a large set of the afternoon – could almost see through the fog . But it is really bright. And with this condition, Independence Day, which is only for tree-climbing race show at 3:30! Teams of four should try to make a human tower with one another to reach the summit. Prize by winning the local case and guest stars, is a fast boat, a tour in the mountains of Java to stay in the upper deck, and more, to accelerate Jared Moore Scores of patients one days.

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