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G-Land August 17th – 19th 2011 Surf Report Today

G-land Surf Swell Season of the most talked-South, 17-19 August 2011 … Peak of 4 m @ 17sec, there are many forms of action early fall. G-Land Bobby’s Surf Camp has a lot of professionals to come and live in camps and surfing G-Land surf launch ramp / pacifier This swell. Here are photos from our photographer Dave Thomas lived taken surfing. Enjoy a few pictures of the best surfers in the world to take some of the best waves in the world. Mega Samadhi on the day a bomb deep into the 17 August Spee dies fully inflated. The Predator Eddie Blackwell on the speed of  Lil mutants to 17 years. Daniel Vardy on a truly extraordinary. This is ridiculous in the tube! It was 18 August. Big Wave Charger tearing Speed Twiggy Baker dies nuggets.

Young Koa Rothman has impressed everyone on the tube. Young Koa Rothman has impressed everyone on the tube. Makua Rothman react to Big Brother Koa by retracting one of the biggest hits to beat! Makua was fearless, hard super store. The following series of images Makua. I asked him why he is making waves in the depths … He said: It is very true or not?. There are several smaller pipes are less to the death between the pipes full of crazy and break the edge contrast of a bit pear wine Jeckson Mustafa. Moose on the Loose! Marti ports is a huge bomb in terms of speed. Not quite a wave of local Ship Stern bluffing, but still strong!

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