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G-Land August 16th 2011 Surf Report Today

G-land Surf started as a lot of potential. Swell increased a little, and it was 3-4 feet and a land breeze, perfect seven. Perhaps, before dawn, there were some very light rain and dark clouds that made me suspect , however, remain. Indeed at 11 clock, the wind was variable, and the waves do not exceed seven hours, but had not had some fun waves. Crowd not too bad today, was not.

The water temperature is cold enough, many people said they were cold yesterday and today. I have not noticed, but I was two mines steam mm! I was surfing saw palmetto in the afternoon, and the money tree Ledge, games have never really recovered 4ft, but a lot of punch in them, and wing my quadriceps felt a little bit by the 5’10 time. The wind never went to sea when I was a good, or later in the afternoon. Always very clean, but a large number of barrels that may not be what ‘They traded with it.

The intake air during the day to try the super low tide, 0.1 m, and there were up to 10 children to sail on board. Especially the guy I saw in the air a series of building 5ft 4 Ledge was vomiting. Tree of money on a pair to their beautiful, no one to implement Ledge. The lethal devices also broke a couple of games … I heard rumors about a lot of good surfers on the G-Land to swell, so we’ll see what happens. Many store safely. Not everyone is probably at the limit, so I hope it’s nothing dangerous to go and no one is injured.

Tomorrow afternoon is the independence day of Indonesia. To celebrate, we must first enter a tough game on the trees, where a tree is painted in oil 8m + and groups of people to try to extract all you scale to some extent, a price higher. This will be fun! 15.30 clock tomorrow.

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