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G-Land August 14th 2011 Surf Report Today

G-land Surf was sorta funny swell is still running, but throughout the first few hours of light FEW looks nice, glassy, and 4-6ft. After the flood better than yesterday and blew out in the country, even better things to see. Kits meet all the shares of the reef through the late morning. There were a few sleepers and southwest swell, some in the mixture.

26 guests now late in the new Bobby and a fairly large group, so many new faces, it seems. The audience never seemed to fluctuate and peak late yesterday morning did, and I see no broken boards everywhere. Eddy The Predator and his friends to G-Land Surf, another goal in the camp, they rocked a few very exciting surfing by Ed on his backhand, while in the jungle.

I was at 4:30 for the last hour of light. The two very good runs and a couple of average waves. And the present just as sweet, very soft compared to yesterday. And the flood was right to let Arvo at 0.2. A couple of terrible double mutant on the edge, considering everything humanly possible to take off on, aim, which is damn impressive sight to see. Awesome stuff my GoPro Especially on my Ledge wave, as seen in frame grab on. Even my first footage of Money Trees took this afternoon.

Dinner tonight is Calleloni ripple effect (not sure how to spell it correctly), a delicious Italian meal, a shrimp salad served before and after a shock / honey pancakes for dessert.

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