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G-Land August 13th 2011 Surf Report Today

G-land Surf very strong today! The examination revealed a solid 6-8ft 6:30 Money Tree scenes to break the wind. As well. Probably the best time to be there at the bottom? There is almost no electricity, and clean the walls. Flood Watch at 8:30. Like most of us, waiting for me. But he went by land through the morning. Many crew members and pretend. That focused advice and broke many of today probably because it is very difficult, with the sea breeze. And when it comes to the end, there is a wide open sea, as the beach, further south to a point. Not really a big barrel in the first round in the morning and Arvo. And after lunch, then began to wash the point as a swell Kong humungous hard in the palms and the fan between the sets of Money Tree. All that being said, many guests have some fantastic laps. Some visit the footsteps of the tiger of the sea, but too late, because the tide was too low, did not help. 20/20 and detail is almost good, but very small. About 2ft.

I tried the Tiger engine works in the morning I’ll be late, but it broke half way. Ferrrrkkk! This is a lesson on how to please local Javanese. No sign of wanting something in return for two different local fishermen on their bikes to stop after an attempt to help me. Even if there were, I would only be in the 20/20 s Park “, then the technician to come take a look later, not to take for a response. Two men, then I drag a rope to the rear of the bike is loaded with two baskets and boxes with ice cooling and the fish for 3 km on a bumpy road! That surprised me. I gave him money to help at the end and show my appreciation but he had not expected. What is a legend. And so many people on the ground. Very good people.

So I rescheduled and said he would go for a surf in from 16:00. 0.4 m at high tide at 15:30 clock, I have no power at all. I think the plan, and now felt heavy. Rowed non-stop all day trying to get the job, is hard work. But I have a few barrels of smoke that has everything you need, I need:) Then a star, then a buffet, then relax in the film and DVD.

Indonesia is now approaching its independence 17 days to go, so there is a lot. Bobby came briefly this morning for something ceremony and then leave, because he was very ceremony in Bali in order.

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