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G-Land August 11th 2011 Surf Report Today

G-land Surf was happy again today. The initial inspection has been strong in September at 6:30 4ft are available in a lot of money in the trees … Wind was not on the sea, but the light was very variable, and it looked damn good to me, if you feel like surfing! About 15 guests were leaving the current number and the like, even long-time host, Ernie, who has a lot of time the water for a man of 50 years. Returning to Kauai and I think it’s summer, so he tried to get as much time in the water that could then go to G-Land Surf. He certainly has some large pipes, when he was here!

An offshore wind came late in the morning, as is usually the case, and hung swells up to about 0.6 m below the water fourteen, and then after that seemed to fade a little more. After nearly two days of rest, I felt it was time to sail. So after my post-nap, I went with Jeremy on my tail, 5’10 inch high performance epoxy shortboard, made ??for my local shaper Taranaki Cain Aldridge. He has a quad, tri-set for me. Until now, every time I felt a quad medium. This time, I have the right to FIN-Combo – 2 DL power base in the front flippers for example, imitation glass-ons that go in FCS, Owen Wright and I’m using them now, I feel very well And then some effervescent tablets G1000 in the back. The board was on fire! Some of the cars did what was really nice.

To navigate, I was not expecting anything, is a super fun session with a beautiful sunset at the end. So what? It ‘was Mexican for dinner, my favorite! Chicken enchiladas with beans and Mexican rice blacks. And crepes for dessert! It is best? Add 2 Bintangs and a glass of Pepsi and Southern Comfort whiskey, and I do not think so.

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