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G-Land August 10th 2011 Surf Report Today

G-land Surf Today I was buggered! These three sails yesterday in another corner Grajagan Bay in very different types of waves is beyond me. My body really want to navigate. My mind, but I’ve learned to listen to my body when his cries for peace, yes, is what I every day. The photos that I am on this package of reports attached to a frame of yesterday, today was my inactivity. What a pipe! He did not want to fall but it was great and was more than a few seconds.

G-Land Surf is a bit less today, but the quality was a bit better. The wind was SSE, perfect, but good enough to make waves of fun for the punters. Overall dimensions, it was spending in the lead with 4-5ft always the day, perhaps strangely. At low tide (0.8 from 12-2:00) The Ledge was beautiful, the waves are nice. The sunset surf again delivered by more than half of the coral reefs is also reflected in the structure of money with a tumbling waves of lesser quality.

Early in the morning there was no wind, but it was very clean and enjoyed a small team together with other waves of its collapse. I have a few guests at Tiger Tracks in the zodiac, had a few nice waves in the morning.

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