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G-Land April 29th 2011

G-Land April 29th 2011 Report – Another beautiful day with the right conditions to make everyone laugh. Keep coming in strong winds and good! The sun shines and the belongings were wet Danky had the opportunity to really dry. It’s been two weeks since I entered the field and at this time, but two dumps of rain and great truth. Very nice!

Kong, money trees, Speed ??High, 20-20, Tigertracks … Almost all the open waves at work. Just Ledge preventing show his face. Set the front foot followed by 14/10 and had a couple real nice barreling section.

The tracker Bombora are breaking the latest, but only a little stuffy. One day … … on this day would be good to get the dirty and check it from the corner to see what to do. Approximately one day per week really broke and the pieces properly, and the potential was there to navigate. I’ve heard some stories of some were after him, but that’s all.

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