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G-Land April 28th – 30th 2012 Surf Report Today

G-land Surf Still dominated by the trade winds and swells during the rainy season does nothing classic qualities. But I do not mean much in March. I do not think this is a player very soon. The first occurred in pr0per swollen for a week in April of compact size and the perfect way to give life to the slipway / Speedies. The wind came right at the end of March, but the swell is compensated by an ill wind. Sound waves come next week for three months, but the wind the same scenario repeats itself. And now, April 28, the day we start seeing a new wave, it seems that this is the same pattern will continue. Yesterday was a day of blowing hard enough in all the earth.

But there will be some positive results until the end of the report. As the waves started to get up twice and almost all parts of the reef is surfable but Ledge, the tide began to recede slowly in March a day, and so on. G-land Surf Forecast For about an hour, sustained wind is no wind and even a little light and rose from the forest for about an hour. Things are pretty cool and even parts of the hollow surprise us with their appearances.

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