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G-Land April 28th 2011

G-Land April 28th 2011 – Big day today with lots going on at Plengkung. Swelling was much more solid, 61 Birthday to Harry and I needed to evac’d from the bar on my bed with some helping hands.

face up to 14 feet and serving at the direction of the reef was better today. Kong was at an angle such high reefs, they looked normal to the waves that were coming on the reef Money Trees. I do not have your head up, but I’m sure that there were about 18 feet on up there.

Money Trees act was better today than yesterday, the new swell arrive. better walls and pulling down on the line with equal perfection. But … It was not really spend much too hollow.

Speedies remained hollow though! Waves are even better today compared to yesterday. A couple of real gems and some strange mutated to observe things. Want the first few waves in the series coming in Speedies nice pad, but other people would start doubling up, but no match.

Some would tap the best phase and the barrel to the lowest level. Never saw one attempt to drive the lower run and smart enough, because they probably get drilled hard.

Many of the people who walked back into the bay and came back with a smile on their face. Tiger Tracks was head high and really nice to be mentioned. 20-20 is pretty good.

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