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G-Land April 27th 2011

G-Land April 27th 2011 the last report. Big swell came today, and although there are a few high waves, he, how big all the elements come together to find real quality session was recalled. Make your choice, be it a little to the south of the tides, waves or just not enough.

More back and it would be a Money Tree all day long because the affair neap tide of 1.1 meters to 1.7 meters at low altitude. Much more and the launch pad that is connected seamlessly compatriot down the reef.

Do not get me wrong … It was good today, but their patients were really the good guy to show up. Probably 12-16 foot faces and do most of the day for offshore wind.

The camp is hosting about 50 guests were now looking the most, feel playful in the surf. So chicken, 20 to 20, and was probably Tiger Tracks the heavier load. Probably about 15 people total at the door from all three camps. And the crowd, you can imagine that it was good between all of any

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