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G-Land April 26th 2011

G-Land April 26th 2011 report. At slightly more withdrawn from yesterday, the establishment of three days of acceptance trend does not look like it is on the line. Pre-swelling is significant, is looking to find tomorrow, and although I try not to feel too much into these things … I am very excited about what this recipe 10 @ at 18 seconds from 202 degrees to materialize.

Should be large! Unfortunately, we do not become too large tides, but was still a short-lived session is done after the reef. Kong would now probably a little overhead to obtain the best sequences. Good winds again and this is a beautiful thing. The windows were a short time the tide right pad Inside, a few even running through Money Tree dismissed. Real clean and fast.

Something I just noticed this evening at dinner was true that the productive fishing. Sashimi for 4 or 5 intensity the previous night. Between Daryl, Hak, and others are casting their lines or shooting their guns, plates are really nice to eat from mackerel. 3 fish is worth the wait for the night in the fridge for tomorrow. I even had the opportunity this evening large mackerel, but I still had my reflexes sharp.

The other hit was weighed in at 26 pounds, and that was the smaller of the two. Mark from South Africa alone and claimed that it would be nice for us both to come back to shore with a fish … but not tonight though.

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