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Daily Surf Report on August 11th 2012


It took a few days to clean up for the surf, but it did. But the problem was… oh well… no problem, but I can no better way to think about it, except for the swell of much use, guaranteed. Another 10-foot faces is very good, but it was not like in the past 2 days. Money Trees was the main peak now, but within moments was the launch pad, especially when it connects to the Upper-weaning studies, but not much.

Really easy to clean in the morning and the beautiful offshores started at 9 this morning. The offshore wind were so consistent every day. I can not remember a day when we had bad wind. Had for many, many weeks ago. So the water is cooled. Wearing a 2mm short arm full of feeling and comfortable. Nearly everyone wears suits the spring, when, or whatever. In case you here soon …. Put some rubber!

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