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Daily Surf Report October 27th 2012


How is it when you first sight of the sea in the AM and it was bright with the warm tones of the low angle light illuminates, all shades of blue and green tint of the sea, deep blue of the sky with vibrant white clouds hanging the contrast volcanoes and offshore waters ribs prepared engraved lines of the lips of the reef?

Beautiful, is not it? And then adding a subtle body swell by the day and it would be wrong to want to be. 8-10 foot faces and everything works. Maybe you can ask for greater numbers than 8 and 10, but it was so much fun watching days that all was well. It was such a beautiful ribbed texture on the shaft today that I found myself on the other side, surfing.

Money Trees Inside and Launching Pad queue some real high speed tracks. If you are ready to turn on the gas from the first moment, you should get a good one. Fan palms and Kong only on the more casual approach and actually breaks long and clear. Probably also super nice, I might even realize a team to Tiger Tracks from the other camp, that a chest high session with only the crew, the situation was going to see.

New observation for me today. When I came around the corner, where we ordered our food, in the direction of the back, I stopped involuntarily to move, as I had seen the Lutungs (black monkey) and the macaque sitting together on the big tree in the near the temple. Really surprised by this sight, I tried to move slowly on, just to get a better sense of what was going to get.

Of course, the head of the spread Lutungs and for the trees. The macaques see plates in my hand the opposite, come to me and then realize no food was on her left. It is amazing how different these two species of monkeys from each character and really everything they do.

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