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Beautiful Location Surfing in Plengkung Beach


Beautiful Location Surfing in Plengkung Beach, Grajagan, Banyuwangi Regency, East Java, Indonesia, was recognized as the best and sensational wave number two after Hawaii. So, on this beach, has held an international surfing competition, namely “Banyuwangi G-Land International Team Challenge”. And among surfers, this location has been known as “G-Land”. The race is followed by teams of surfers from various countries, such as Australia, New Zealand, United States, England, France, and of course from Indonesia.

As a result of sea water pressure from the South Pole, the waves in Grajagan Beach have 7 rolls with range time of about 5 minutes, with wave height can reach 6 to 8 meters, and length 1 – 2 km, from east to west. So, the waves here become really sensational. The best place or location for surfing, is in Plawangan area, 300 meters from the beach. Plawangan, can be reached by way along the coastline. For Surfing sports lovers, the perfect month to surf here, is May to October. And the best peak is in July – September.

How to reach Grajagan?
By Land : From Banyuwangi to Kalipahit (59 Km) take the Bus. Kalipahit to PasarAnyar (3 Km), rent a car or ride an Ojek. PasarAnyar Trianggulasi to Pancur (15 Km). Pancur to Plengkung (9 Km), using Special Car.

Through Land and Sea : Banyuwangi to Benculuk (35 Km) by bus or public transportation. Benculuk to Grajagan (18 Km) and Grajagan to Plengkung (20km) ride Speet Boat.

g-land bobby's surf camp

When passing through the Grajagan area, there are many inns on the beach of Grajagan (part of Alas Purwo National Park), all of you can enjoy its natural beauty here.  If you want to stay in Grajagan, Bobby’s Surf Camp can be your option. You can online reservation at or

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