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G-Land August 12th 2011 Surf Report Today

G-land Surf small, this morning, Max 2-3 feet. Wind for all have then broken at the end of the earth this morning the tide in the morning with the wind fairly average for the stove. And I finally clicked, what can I do in such situations. From the applied science of spades I always! Want tries, particularly for basic training I felt that he did not. Then I took him back and stand-up paddle boards with chips on the ground and into the lagoon to the drama. the problem is 9 feet x 30 maybe 4 … model is really new, and the chip will be worth a blast to play. to have with him, I do not think I’ll try to catch waves that are not in a hurry!

Etenstyd reef is better defined as a more solid footing 3. I sailed in the afternoon, shortly after 3:00 in the shallow water. And in this corner has more than flood swelled again, and walk with a foot pump Kong 3-4 on rare populations. Some are even a few wedges and barrel! My Quad Fin 5’10 weather cut, and cut off at high speed.

It’s easy to forget how fun Kong! It is not necessary to discuss saving coral reefs or concerns fyngemaak is thick lips, and capable of dissolving yes you have the space to feel good. At 5:00, there are so many waves that pass … Average water temperature, I was a perfect spring.

Tomorrow is summed to grow, and next week is sort of the South champion in more detail at this stage of the tablet in this 12ft Bekend stelling bad ass come Speed, one of our stores in the lagoon guests to play, marine gas money while others decided to climb a tree shortboard

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